Time:Killer - Kill the time before it kills you! Challenging mobile game with lots of fun

  • Single tap to shoot
  • 60 levels in 5 worlds from easy to hard core
  • Two modes:
    • Level based
    • Endless
  • Unlock weapons and discover how to use them
  • Special weapons alters gameplay - Replay levels with different weapons to get a new twist on them
Kill Time or Get Killed...  Tap to Shoot, Break Through White Parts and Kill the Middle Avoid Hitting Red Parts Select Your Weapons and Game Modes

Goldie Gems, a 24 Karat Game Addiction By GameAlloy

  • Silver, gold, and precious stones make Goldie Gems fun and fancy
  • The unique game play is easy, but offers new challenges to improve skills
  • Two different challenges: One Minute and Sudden Death
  • Three different skill levels: Easy, Hard and Insane
  • Leader Boards for challenging friends and competitors across the globe
  • Premium graphics, superior sound and visual experience

Goldie Gems Goldie Gems Goldie Gems